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Last year, Governor Hogan created a bipartisan Redistricting Reform Commission. Based on their recommendations the Governor has introduced the Redistricting Reform Act.

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ICYMI - Governor Hogan: We Will Find You, We Will Arrest You, And We Will Prosecute You

Eye on Democrats: Kevin Kamenetz Takes Heat For Hot Schools


During a January 8, 2018 interview on WOLB 1010AM, while discussing the recent news regarding Baltimore’s cold classrooms, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz criticized Gov. Larry Hogan for pushing both Baltimore City and County to install window air conditioning units, calling Hogan’s efforts “stupid.” In response, Coach Butch Adams slams Kamenetz, asking, “How can you say ‘stupid things’ when … classes had to be canceled at the beginning of school because it was too hot for the students to sit in the classroom?” Kamenetz defended his failure to install air conditioning, but Coach Adams refused to accept Kamenetz’s explanation, and instead advocated for the Baltimore City students, saying, “it is unfair, it is unconscionable to have students of any ethnicity or social economic level to be in a classroom that’s thirty degrees or ninety degrees.” Despite his casting blame on Hogan, once Kamenetz is put on the spot about his own decision to leave kids in sweltering classrooms, he says that poor climate control has been a persistent issue in schools for decades.

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Calls For the Removal of Nathaniel Oaks From the Maryland State Senate

Senator Oaks


January 9, 2018

Contact: Patrick O'Keefe

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Calls For the Removal of Nathaniel Oaks From the Maryland State Senate

Annapolis, MD - Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire released the following statement in response to the refusal of Senator Oaks to resign from the General Assembly:

Governor Hogan Introduces Comprehensive Plan to Fight Crime

This is the third year in a row of 300 or more homicides in the city of Baltimore and local leaders have not stepped up with a solution to address the problem. Governor Hogan announced his plans to address the problem today. 

Maryland Republican Party