MDGOP Auxiliary Groups


Maryland Federation of Republican Women

The members of the Maryland Federation of Republican Women shape Maryland’s political future by electing Republicans at all levels of government. They mobilize women by giving them the opportunity to influence and support the Republican agenda.



Maryland Black Republican Council

The vision of the Maryland Black Republican Council is to have Black Marylanders choose to vote Republican based on their exposure to Republicans and to Republican ideas which will improve their families, communities, schools, and government.



Maryland Federation of Young Republicans

The Maryland Young Republicans is Maryland’s officially chartered affiliate of the Young Republican National Federation – the oldest political organization in the United States. Young people are crucial to the growth of our party and its future successes, making the MYRs uniquely poised to provide younger voters with information on current issues in a resonating fashion.

The MYRs exist to unite local and county chapters, provide grassroots support for Republican candidates and issues, and attract more young people to the Republican party.



Maryland Federation of College Republicans

The Maryland Federation of College Republicans (MDFCR) seeks to mobilize young adults to take an active role in shaping the future of Maryland, end the one-party stronghold of the Old Line State, and combat liberal bias on college campuses!


Maryland Federation of Teenage Republicans

The Maryland Teenage Republicans (TARS) is a group dedicated to encouraging Maryland’s youth to take an active role in their government by offering training and opportunities to get involved. Their goal is to not only expand the number of teenage republican chapters throughout the state but to strengthen its current chapters. Through this, they hope to equip middle and high schoolers with political knowledge and efficacy so that they are properly prepared to vote and participate in the political process and serve their communities.

You can learn more by following them on Twitter at @MdteenageGOP or by email at

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