The vision of the Maryland Black Republican Council is to have Black Marylanders choose to vote Republican based on their exposure to Republicans and to Republican ideas which will improve their families, communities, schools, and government.



The mission of the Black Republican Council includes these goals:
• To be a stepping stone between the Republican Party and Black Americans
• To help Black Americans see their natural alliance with the Republican Party
• To promote conservative values in Black homes and communities
• To provide a forum where Black conservatives can gather, and where curious others can learn



Chair: Elizabeth Copeland, Baltimore City -

Vice-Chair: Brandon Cooper, Prince George's County -


Candidates in Baltimore City

In the 2016 Primary Election in Baltimore City, 13 black Republicans ran for nine positions, which translates to 62% of the Republican candidates for office in Baltimore City being African-American.  In the 2016 General Election in Baltimore City, seven black Republicans ran, which translates to 70% of the Republican candidates for office in Baltimore City being African-American.  Five years ago, there were 16 black Republican candidates running in Maryland.  Compare those numbers to 2014, when there were 16 Black Republican candidates running in Maryland for a variety of offices.  In 2014, none of those black Republicans won election, but two years later, two won. 


Hospitality Suites

The Maryland Black Republican Council has hosted a hospitality suite at the last four conventions.




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