Delegate Hornberger Introduces Bill to Help Blue Collar Students

Delegate Kevin Hornberger


Delegate Kevin Hornberger of Cecil County (District 35A) has introduced a bill focused on helping students attending local community colleges. Every year, Maryland State Delegates and Senators are allotted a certain amount of money to award scholarships to students in their district. Right now, if students are enrolled in certificate or license programs at a community college, they cannot receive scholarship dollars. House Bill 623 fixes that problem. 


HB 623 will open Senatorial and Delegate scholarships to more students such as those in worthwhile programs like CNA/GNA, Paramedic, Medical Assistant, HVAC, and Truck Driver training certificate programs. These careers are crucial to many rural communities and provide increased opportunities to working class Marylanders. Local community colleges like Cecil College are backing the bill and it has received bi-partisan support in the House with 41 co-sponsors.

We thank Delegate Hornberger for introducing this bill! 

Maryland Republican Party