Delegate Miele's Hire Our Veterans Act of 2017 Passes Through Maryland General Assembly



Earlier this session, we highlighted good bills that were a priority for our Delegates. Today, Delegate Christian Miele's (District 8, Baltimore County) veterans jobs bill passed both the House of Delegates and Senate. 


The bill incentivizes small businesses – businesses with 50 or fewer employees – to hire honorably discharged veterans in exchange for a year tax credit whereby the employer can claim a credit in an amount equal to 30% of up to the first $6,000 of the veteran’s wages. 


"The men and women in our armed services not only risk their lives for you, me, and our families, but sacrifice precious time away from their own families to defend our freedom here at home. The very least we can do to honor our hometown heroes is through access to opportunities for gainful employment," said Miele.


This is one of many examples of the common sense policies being put forward by our members that are supported by all Marylanders. We thank Delegate Miele for putting through this important legislation. 

Maryland Republican Party