Democrats in House of Delegates Kill Governor Hogan's Re-Districting Reform Bill Without Discussion

Governor Hogan opened this session with an ambitious open government package to combat the significant corruption we've seen in Annapolis recently. House Bill 385 was a crucial piece of that package as it would reform the way districts are drawn and end gerrymandering in the State of Maryland. Today, Democrats on the Rules and Executive Nominations committee chose to vote to kill the bill without so much as a discussion on it. 


"We are extremely disappointed that the House of Delegates has chosen to kill Governor Hogan's common sense redistricting initiative without even a discussion in committee. Democrats in every other state support initiatives like these and it's clear that the Democratic establishment is only hungry to keep their power instead of letting Marylanders decide who represents them," said Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire.

Democrats who voted to kill the bill include:

  • Delegate Anne Healey
  • Delegate Jay Walker
  • Delegate Kumar Barve
  • Delegate Talmadge Branch
  • Delegate Eric Bromwell
  • Delegate Dereck Davis
  • Delegate Kathleen Dumais
  • Delegate Bill Frick
  • Delegate Tawanna Gaines
  • Delegate Sheila Hixson
  • Delegate Carolyn Howard
  • Delegate Sally Jameson
  • Delegate Adrienne Jones
  • Delegate Maggie McIntosh
  • Delegate Shane Pendergrass
  • Delegate Dana Stein
  • Delegate Frank Turner
  • Delegate Joseph Vallario
Maryland Republican Party