Democrats in House of Delegates Vote to Force Landlords to Accept Section 8

House Bill 172, "The Home Act of 2017" also known as the "Forced Section 8 Bill" passed the Maryland House of Delegates 88-53 with 3 Democrats joining all 50 Republicans to vote against the bill. This bill will force many landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers or risk being arrested.


The bill would force an owner of an apartment complex to rent 15% of all apartment units to people receiving housing vouchers and would actively look to place people with Section 8 vouchers in zip codes where there currently aren't many people using vouchers. 


The bill now heads to the Senate where it has been cross-filed as SB 314. Democratic Senators Bobby Zirkin and Jim Brochin are likely to be the deciding votes in the Senate on this bill. 


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