Democrats in House of Delegates Vote to Make Maryland a Sanctuary State

Five Democrats joined every Republican to vote against House Bill 1362 - "The Maryland Trust Act." Unfortunately, the rest of the Democratic caucus chose to vote in favor of the bill and it passed 83-55. The bill now heads to the Senate. Most egregious about the debate on this bill was when House Democrats voted to reject an amendment by Minority Leader Nic Kipke that would have prevented this protection from covering terrorists or felons.


If passed by the Senate, HB 1362 would make Maryland a sanctuary state and prohibit every local and state law enforcement official in Maryland from responding to any hold, notification, or transfer request for immigration enforcement purposes from any official at either ICE or Homeland Security.  


It would also make it a statutory violation for any relevant Maryland official (including, specifically, any employee of a “public secondary school”) to cooperate with ICE or Homeland Security on their immigration enforcement efforts. This would include the situation with the Rockville High School rapist


We have an active petition against this bill that can be found here: .


We will be fighting this as hard as possible to ensure it does not pass in the Senate. 

Maryland Republican Party