Anyone who watched last night’s Democratic gubernatorial forum knows it was a largely fact-free affair, especially when it came to Governor Hogan’s record of accomplishments for Maryland. While there were significant errors and omissions throughout the forum, we at the Maryland Republican Party thought it would be useful to correct the record on a few of the most notable falsehoods. See below for a few of the most outrageous distortions of the governor’s record, as well as the actual facts:

RUSHERN BAKER CLAIM: ‘NOTHING THAT THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE WAS INVESTING IN” EXCEPT AMAZON AND FBI: “When you don’t actually invest in those businesses during your four years as governor, the one time you step out there is for two projects. Think about it, one is Amazon, the other, near and dear to my heart, the FBI. But in between that, there was nothing that the governor’s office was investing in, and that’s why this seems so outrageous.”

  • FACT: In Prince George’s County Alone, Through The Maryland Department Of Commerce, The Hogan Administration Has Assisted With Nearly 70 Projects In Prince George’s County, Yielding Nearly 2,500 Jobs, The Total Capital Expenditure Associated With These Projects Totals Over $90 Million. (Maryland Department Of Commerce)


ALEC ROSS CLAIM: IF HOGAN REELECTED, MONTGOMERY, PRINCE GEORGE’S AND BALTIMORE CITY ARE “SCREWED”: “If he gets re-elected, he knows he’s not running for office again - Montgomery County is screwed, Baltimore City is screwed, Prince George’s County is screwed, that’s what is waiting for us in his second term.”

  • FACT: Under Governor Hogan, The Three Jurisdictions Mentioned By Mr. Ross Have Received The Most Funding In Total Local Aid. Since Governor Hogan has taken office, collectively Montgomery County, Baltimore City, and Prince George’s County have received over $13 billion in total local aid - Montgomery County: over $3.5 billion, Baltimore City: over $5 billion, Prince George’s County: over $5 billion. For each single year the governor has been in office, these three jurisdictions have received the most in total local aid. (“Maryland: Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2019,” Maryland Department Of Budget And Management, 1/17/18; (“Maryland: Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2019,” Maryland Department Of Budget And Management, 5/2017)


JIM SHEA CLAIM: BALTIMORE CITY MURDERS REVEAL HOGAN’S “TRUE COLORS”: “If you are uncertain about Larry Hogan’s true colors as governor, consider this - over his tenure as governor, over 1,000 people have been murdered in Baltimore City, mostly with handguns.”

  • FACT: Shea Made This Statement On The Very Day That Hogan Signed Bipartisan Legislation Aimed At Reducing Gun Violence And Holding Violent Criminals Accountable.
    • Governor Hogan Enacted Bipartisan Measures To Ban Bump Stocks, And Red Flag Legislation To Keep Firearms Out Of The Hands Of The Mentally Ill And Those With Violent Criminal Backgrounds. (“Senate Bill 707,” Maryland General Assembly, 4/24/18; “House Bill 1302,” Maryland General Assembly, 4/24/18)
    • Governor Hogan Announced An Aggressive, Coordinated Campaign To Target Violence In Baltimore City; The Effort Was Extremely Effective, Resulting In The Arrest Of More Than 500 Individuals, Including 259 Of Baltimore City’s Most Violent Offenders. “Governor Larry Hogan, the U.S. Marshals Service, along with state and local law enforcement, today provided an update on the joint law enforcement initiative to fight violent crime in Baltimore. This partnership, representing nearly 500 federal, state and local law enforcement officers and agents, and the Baltimore Police Department, resulted in more than 500 arrests, including 259 of the city’s most violent criminals being removed from the streets. (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan, U.S. Marshals, State And Local Law Enforcement Provide Update On Violent Crime In Baltimore,” Office Of The Governor, 12/5/17)
    • Governor Hogan Enacted Legislation To Eliminate Parole Eligibility For Repeat, Violent Offenders. (“Senate Bill 101,” Maryland General Assembly)
    • Governor Hogan Enacted Legislation To Add Firearm Drug Trafficking Crimes To A List Of Crimes For Which A Person May Not Possess A Firearm Without A Five Year Mandatory Sentence. (“Senate Bill 101,” Maryland General Assembly)


KEVIN KAMENETZ CLAIM: HOGAN “SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘KING OF HIGHWAYS,’” NEGLECTS TRANSIT. “Larry Hogan is the self-proclaimed ‘King of Highways.’ … Instead of just solely relying on highways, we need to invest in 21st century mass transit solutions. And that means again, recognizing that mass transit isn’t just to ease traffic congestion, it also promotes economic development opportunities and jobs.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Never Referred To Himself As “King Of The Highways.”
  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Put Forth A Balanced Approach To Address Maryland’s Transportation Infrastructure That Includes Billions Of Dollars Of Investments In Public Transit.
    • Governor Hogan’s Consolidated Transportation Program Invests Nearly $15 Billion Toward Top Priority Transportation Infrastructure Projects In Every Jurisdiction In Our State. (“Maryland's FY 2018 - FY 2023 Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP),” Maryland Department Of Transportation)
    • Governor Hogan Announced A Bold $9 Billion Traffic Relief Plan To Alleviate The Burden On Commuters (Press Release,”Governor Hogan Announces Widening Of I-270, Capital Beltway (I-495), and Baltimore-Washington Parkway (MD 295),”
    • Office Of The Governor, 9/21/18)
    • Governor Hogan Has Moved Forward With A $5.6 Billion Plan For The Purple Line. (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Break Ground on Purple Line,” Office Of The Governor, 8/28/17)
    • Governor Hogan Has Provided Innovative Solutions To Transit In Baltimore City By Launching BaltimoreLink. (Press Release, “Hogan Administration Delivers On Promise To Transform Transit In Baltimore,”Office Of The Governor, 6/14/17)  



  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Invested $4 Billion Toward Bay Restoration Efforts, The Chesapeake Bay Is The Healthiest It Has Been In A Quarter Century. (Maryland Budget Highlights: FY 2018, “Appendix S: Chesapeake Bay Restoration Activities Funded In The Budget,” Maryland Department Of Budget And Management, Pg. S1; Maryland Budget Highlights: FY 2019, “Appendix S: Chesapeake Bay Restoration Activities Funded In The Budget,” Maryland Department Of Budget And Management, Pg. S1; Maryland Department Of Budget And Management; (“Chesapeake Bay Report Card Shows Steady Recovery,” University Of Maryland Center For Environmental Science, 5/8/17; Scott Dance, “Scientists Give Chesapeake Bay Its Highest Environmental Grade Since 1992,” The Baltimore Sun, 5/17/16)
    • Governor Hogan Was Named “Champion Of The Chesapeake.” (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Named ‘Champion Of The Chesapeake’ By Chesapeake Conservancy,” Office Of The Governor, 10/16/17)  


KRISH VIGNARAJAH CLAIM: HOGAN NEGLECTS EDUCATION FUNDING WHILE CHILDREN FREEZE: “But for me, you see this announcement that Governor Hogan makes, only a few weeks after our children were literally freezing in Baltimore classrooms because of a lack of investments in the basic things that we should be providing, which are education, investment in infrastructure.”

  • FACT: Governor Hogan Has Invested $25 Billion In K-12 Education, More Than Any Other Governor In History; The Governor’s Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Invests A Record $430 Million In School Construction. (Maryland Department Of Budget And Management)
  • FACT: Baltimore City Schools Have Returned Millions Of Dollars To Fix Failing Heating Systems Back To The State. “Baltimore schools have had to return millions in state funding for building repairs after projects to fix failing heating systems and roofs grew too expensive or took too long. Since 2009, city schools have lost out on roughly $66 million in state funding for much-needed repairs after approved projects ran afoul of state regulations meant to prevent waste, records show. The money could have funded dozens of new heating systems at schools where the heat is now failing.” (Luke Broadwater, “Baltimore Schools Have Returned Millions In State Funds For Heating Repairs,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/4/18)
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