This is the third year in a row of 300 or more homicides in the city of Baltimore and local leaders have not stepped up with a solution to address the problem. Governor Hogan announced his plans to address the problem today. 

Governor Hogan's package of initiative are vast. His announcements included: 

  • A new governor’s council made up of prosecutors and police to fight gang crime.
  • A new intelligence network to assist police and prosecutors to better share data across the state and with federal law enforcement.
  • Expanded patrols by Maryland state police and other state law enforcement agencies in high crime areas.
  • Assistance from Maryland state police in serving high-priority warrants.
  • More than 200 parole and probation officers to track down offenders.
  • An aggressive sweep across the city with 80 U.S. Marshals and federal officers on high priority warrants.
  • Tougher legislation against gang members and gun offenders.
  • New “truth-in-sentencing” legislation to cut down on suspended sentences.
  • Expedited demolition of vacant homes in high-crime areas.

His plan will remove many gang members from the streets, fight against repeat violent offenders, and stop the ridiculous pattern of coddling criminals. He said: “Let me be crystal-clear. I have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for these repeat violent offenders and these criminal gangs causing lawlessness in our streets.”

We applaud Governor Hogan's efforts and plan to help him pass his legislative package during session!

Maryland Republican Party