ICYMI - Senate President Miller Admits Paid Sick Leave is "Onerous on Small Businesses"

Right now, the Maryland Senate is having a debate on Senate Bill 230 dubbed the "Maryland Healthy Working Families Act." The bill would require businesses with 15 or more employees to provide employees with earned sick and safe leave that is paid at the same wage rate as the employee normally earns and require employers with 14 or fewer employees to provide an employee with unpaid earned sick and safe leave. 


Today on the floor of the Senate, Senate President Mike Miller (District 27, Prince George's, Charles, & St. Mary's Counties) was forced to admit that Paid Sick Leave was onerous on small businesses and his fellow Democratic colleagues were not considering all of the circumstances.


At 2:00:00, he says: "If you've got one person doing everything, it's a lot more than that. These companies don't have payroll people, they don't have insurance companies involved. It's one person doing all the work and it's time to that person. It's worth it to me to get employee sick leave, but it's very onerous on small businesses."


President Miller's response was in to Senator Ron Young (District 3, Frederick County) attempting to downplay the impact that the bill would have on small businesses. President Miller later said, "What people don't understand is a lot of small businesses are hand shake agreements and not contracts."


We thank President Miller for acknowledging what Senate Bill 230 would do to small businesses, but it makes us wonder, why isn't the Senate supporting Senate Bill 305, Governor Hogan's common sense compromise on the issue? Also, if Democratic leadership has such concern with the bill that it's been delayed until tomorrow, why is it being passed in the first place? It's very clear this bill would have a terrible impact on small businesses and would add complicated regulation that may lead to some choosing to ultimately close. 


If you want to the audio, feel free it here: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmga/frmAudioVideo.aspx?ys=2017RS&clip=SEN_03092017_1.mp4

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