Maryland Democrats are playing political games with school construction funding because they're upset that Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot have worked in a bipartisan fashion to prioritize common sense initiatives instead of pet projects. Democratic Party leadership are rushing House Bill 1783 through the General Assembly in an un-Democratic manner.

First, the House of Delegates amended the bill at a secretive workgroup that was not live-streamed, recorded, or publicized and then passed the amendment on a party-line vote.

Today, the Senate Budget and Tax committee members were pulled from debate on the Senate floor to vote in secret to issue a favorable report on the bill. No hearing, no public notice, just a secret vote behind closed doors. 

The worst part of this situation is Democrats aren't even hiding that this bill is because of their anger towards Governor Hogan's bipartisanship with Comptroller Franchot.

Senate President Mike Miller specifically questioned Comptroller Franchot's focus on "playing the crowds" as a reason to remove his power on the Board of Public Works. Miller has been pushing his support behind this bill. 

Delegate Maggie McIntosh claimed that her proposed changes to the bill were in response to Franchot prioritizing air conditioning in Baltimore City and County schools. Maybe McIntosh should complain to Democrat County Executive Kevin Kamenetz instead for not leading?

It's sad that bipartisanship from some Democrats can push leadership to pass bad policy in retaliation. 


Maryland Republican Party