MDGOP Launches Website on the Real Chris Van Hollen

MDGOP Launches Website on the Real Chris Van Hollen

ANNAPOLIS, M.D. – Today the Maryland Republican Party launched a website to let Maryland voters know about the real Chris Van Hollen, a career politician whose voting record makes it clear he cares more about the special interest groups who fund his campaign than he does about the people of Maryland. The website is

“Career politician Chris Van Hollen has been using the millions of dollars he’s raised from special interest groups to mislead Marylanders about who he really is,” stated MDGOP Executive Director Joe Cluster. “The truth is that Congressman Van Hollen is completely out-of-touch with Maryland voters. Over the last 14 years that he’s been in Washington, the national debt has tripled; nothing has been done to fix immigration problems; health care costs have skyrocketed; and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism has only grown. At the same time, seven-term Congressman Van Hollen has voted to raise taxes on Maryland families and Maryland small businesses; he has voted to bailout Wall Street bankers with Maryland taxpayer money; he has voted for the Iran nuclear deal; he has voted against Medicare Part D; and he has voted to cut military pensions. Just last week he voted against bipartisan legislation that would allow the VA to hold derelict employees accountable for poor performance, proving he doesn’t have the backs of Maryland veterans.”

The website will be updated regularly through the campaign with information on the real Congressman Van Hollen and how he has failed the people of Maryland for the last 25 years as a professional politician.

“Marylanders need a Senator in Washington who will fight for them – not another professional politician who only fights for the special interest groups that fill their campaign war chests,” stated Cluster. “We started this website to give the people of Maryland an opportunity to learn about the real Chris Van Hollen – Maryland’s Monopoly Man.”

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