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Democrats Top Misses from the Gubernatorial Forum


Anyone who watched last night’s Democratic gubernatorial forum knows it was a largely fact-free affair, especially when it came to Governor Hogan’s record of accomplishments for Maryland. While there were significant errors and omissions throughout the forum, we at the Maryland Republican Party thought it would be useful to correct the record on a few of the most notable falsehoods. See below for a few of the most outrageous distortions of the governor’s record, as well as the actual facts:

Retiree Tax Cut Passes Maryland General Assembly


It has been a struggle to overcome partisanship in Annapolis to pass tax relief for Maryland's retirees, but today the Maryland General Assembly finally gave some taxpayers in Maryland a big win. 

Where Do Dem Candidates Stand On The Important Comprehensive Crime Bill?

Last month, the Maryland Senate overwhelmingly passed Senator Bobby Zirkin’s much-needed Comprehensive Crime Bill 36 to 8. The bipartisan bill incorporates many of Governor Hogan’s reforms, including increased sentences for criminals who use a gun in the commission of the crime and closes a loophole that allows violent criminals to get out of prison early.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement on Governor Hogan's Veto of HB 1783

April 4, 2018

Contact: Patrick O'Keefe

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Releases Statement on Governor Hogan's Veto of House Bill 1783

Annapolis, MD - Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire has issued the following statement:

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