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Senate President Miller Comes Out Against Sanctuary Bill

After thousands of constituents emailed their State Senators, Senate President Mike Miller (District 27, Southern Maryland) has come out against the Sanctuary State bill dubbed "The Maryland Trust Act" (HB 1362/SB 835). Miller said that the state needs to allow immigrants "to live in freedom," but not protect felons who are in the United States illegally and end up in the judicial system.


Senator Ron Young Chooses Special Interests over Education

First he becomes unhinged in committee, and now he is taking the side of special interests over kids in Frederick. Today, Senator Ron Young (District 3, Frederick County) opposed two amendments to the state budget to take $12.5 million from a downtown hotel project and instead support Waverly Elementary school or the Frederick Rescue Mission to help the homeless. 


Democrats in House of Delegates Vote to Force Landlords to Accept Section 8

House Bill 172, "The Home Act of 2017" also known as the "Forced Section 8 Bill" passed the Maryland House of Delegates 88-53 with 3 Democrats joining all 50 Republicans to vote against the bill. This bill will force many landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers or risk being arrested.

Democrats in House of Delegates Vote to Make Maryland a Sanctuary State

Five Democrats joined every Republican to vote against House Bill 1362 - "The Maryland Trust Act." Unfortunately, the rest of the Democratic caucus chose to vote in favor of the bill and it passed 83-55. The bill now heads to the Senate. Most egregious about the debate on this bill was when House Democrats voted to reject an amendment by Minority Leader Nic Kipke that would have prevented this protection from covering terrorists or felons.


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