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Senator Simonaire Introduces Bill to Help Veterans with PTSD

[photo, Bryan W. Simonaire, Maryland State Senator]


Senator Bryan Simonaire of Anne Arundel County (District 31) has introduced Senate Bill 441 to establish the Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program. The bill establishes the Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program in the Department of Veterans Affairs to identify eligible veterans who may participate in the Program and be paired with service dogs.

House Democrats Kill Common Sense Amendments in Paid Sick Leave Debate

This week, Republican Delegates fought to apply common-sense amendments to the paid sick leave proposal being debated in the General Assembly. Specifically, members fought for Maryland’s small businesses and their employees.

Delegate Grammer Pushes Bill for Foreclosure Reform

[photo, Robin L. Grammer, Jr., Maryland State Delegate]


Delegate Robin Grammer of Baltimore County (District 6) has re-introduced House Bill 220 to address the vacant house epidemic in Baltimore County. These vacant homes have led to a multitude of community issues as they lead to high grass, property neglect, and dumping that decrease surrounding property values. They also become vulnerable to squatters, drug dealers, and other criminals who target these properties. 


The issue stems from foreclosure law changes that occurred between 2008 and 2012 that have left community leaders and elected officials with no legal recourse to take action on a vacant and abandoned property for sometimes three or more years.


Delegate Saab Introduces Bill to Address Visitation Rights

[photo, Sid Saab, Maryland State Delegate]


Delegate Sid Saab of Anne Arundel County (District 33) has introduced House Bill 1165 - Duties of Guardian of the Person - Notice and Visitation by Family. A bipartisan bill supported by many House members, this bill would expand the duties of a guardian of a disabled person to include enforcing the right to receive visitors, telephone calls, personal mail, and electronic communications. It would also require guardians to inform specified relatives if the disabled person passes away and would give visitation rights to specified adult children and grandchildren. 

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