Post-Election Survey

Republican losses in the 2018 mid-term elections show that there are things we must do differently and improve upon for the future of the party.

Now, the small core staff at Maryland GOP are being asked to provide their thorough, unvarnished opinions and insights into what went wrong in this election. 

We clearly can tell that a surge of voters disgruntled with Washington politics showed up to vote for Democrats down the ballot. And we can see that the power of the Democrat turnout was stronger than our own. However, no victory or defeat is the result of one or two simple things. There are many factors, and we need your feedback.

We are asking any Maryland voter to provide their thoughts on this election. Our plan is to comb through and analyze every comment, every idea and every thought.

It is clear to us that we need the feedback from everyone willing to participate in order to fully, clearly understand what is going on in every corner of this state.

We will move forward with the analysis of who showed up to vote and how they voted based on huge amounts of data collected over the election cycle, but that data does not provide us the ‘on the ground’ experience you may have had.

So please, use this in depth survey to tell us what you think, share your experience, and help Republicans improve in the coming election cycle.

It’s important to do this now, so we can get to work on a winning plan for the 2020 election and beyond

Please use this form to share your opinions, experience and thoughts on the 2018 election.

Your name, contact information, and answers will all be kept confidential. We are only asking for it to allow us to follow up with questions if needed, and to ensure feedback is being provided by actual Maryland voters.

On a scale of 1-5, how excited were you to vote for Larry Hogan? (1 being not excited at all, 5 being very excited)

This survey has 21 questions.

Maryland Republican Party