Today, Senate President Miller decided to throw a temper tantrum and skip a breakfast with Governor Hogan because Governor Hogan didn't release his budget details the way Miller wanted him to. He continued his complaining onto the Senate floor this morning.

In a temper-filled rant, Miller complained that inviting "five white men" to a bipartisan breakfast to discuss his budget proposal was wrong. Senate President Miller is the one who's wrong for wasting everyone's time with this nonsense. 

1) President Miller ignored the Delegates who were invited which was, in fact, a diverse group. 

2) The only reason there was a lack of diversity from the Senate is because he and his Chairmen of Budget and Taxation and Finance are all white men. It's very ironic that a white man surrounded by white men, he picked as leaders, is complaining about a lack of diversity.

Instead of crying about skipping a breakfast, maybe Miller and the Maryland Democratic Party should be working with Governor Hogan to pass the Governor's budget that doesn't raise the taxes of Marylanders.

Governor Hogan is once again the adult in the room focused on common sense policies while the Annapolis establishment are pulling political stunts. 

Maryland Republican Party