Senator Young Becomes Unhinged in Committee; Accuses Fellow Democratic State Senator of Being Unethical

On Tuesday, February 14th in Judicial Proceedings Committee, Democratic State Senator Ronald Young of Frederick County became unhinged. He used his testimony on Senate Bill 505 to apologize for being rude during a bill hearing last year and then attacked Vice Chair Delores Kelley calling her "unethical" in her own committee under the contention that she "stole his bill."

Chairman Bobby Zirkin had to stop Senator Young in the middle of his testimony to remind him that he should have been discussing the bill and not insulting fellow members. After being warned, he continued to fight for the fact that it was "his bill" instead of discussing the merits of the bill. 

Later, Senator Jim Brochin says, "But to call the Vice Chair and her actions unethical are totally inappropriate for this committee. I find this out of order." 

Perhaps Senator Young is feeling the pressure of his constituents complaints after we informed them that he was leaning towards voting for the Sunshine Tax and urged him to vote against it. Maybe it's because he still voted for the Sunshine Tax to the chagrin of hundreds of angry voters in his district.

Either way, if you want to see the full testimony it starts here at 30:30.

Maryland Republican Party