Let’s Give Ben Cardin His Retirement Papers!

Join Dr. Tony Campbell and fellow Marylanders as we launch the fall campaign to beat Ben Cardin.  For fifty-two years, Ben Cardin has lived off of Maryland citizens.  Only career politicians expect their poor job performance to be rewarded. 

The Campbell4 Maryland – US Senate kickoff event is next Tuesday, July 24th from 6 to 8 p.m.  The location is Liberatore’s Ristorante inPerry Hall (5005 Perry Hall Blvd, Perry Hall, MD).

Marylanders have their best chance of winning a United States Senate seat this year.  We will not have another opportunity to take back our seat from the political class for another generation.  Now is the time to Join The Fight!

Come out next Tuesday to support our party's nominee for US Senate.  No ticket charge for the event.  Suggested donation is $50 per person. You can contribute online or at the door.  To contribute online, go tohttps://secure.anedot.com/campbell4maryland/generalelectionkickoff

Maryland Republican Party