Last month, the Maryland Senate overwhelmingly passed Senator Bobby Zirkin’s much-needed Comprehensive Crime Bill 36 to 8. The bipartisan bill incorporates many of Governor Hogan’s reforms, including increased sentences for criminals who use a gun in the commission of the crime and closes a loophole that allows violent criminals to get out of prison early.

Now, the House of Delegates has four more days to pass this much-needed crime bill too. What hasn’t helped the effort to pass these reforms is that most of the Democrats running in the gubernatorial primary have been silent on this bipartisan, common sense bill. That needs to change.

“Violent crime and gangs are a major problem in Maryland, and it’s time to get tough with repeat violent offenders. However, most of the Democratic candidates for governor remain silent on this important state issue. As the legislature considers the bipartisan crime bill, voters deserve a clear answer from each Democratic candidate about where they stand." – Chairman Dirk Haire

Maryland Republican Party